Church Partners

Our Church Partners make it possible for Spero to reach the hurting and the hopeless families in our community. We couldn’t do it without their support! These sacrificial churches do more that just claim the name of Spero, they put … Continued

Dads are Important

Dads are Important Too Spero welcomes men! Baby daddy’s, grandpas, friends. Dads are important to their children. Have you ever wondered which traits describes a great dad? Would they involve nurturing, providing, and guiding? While those are great traits to … Continued

Spero Is Open

Spero IS OPEN Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm. The Mission Continues (and Grows) at Spero! Spero is thrilled to announce that our mission grows as we find opportunities in this unprecedented time. Here is how: Though our office hours are temporarily reduced (closed … Continued

Essential Services Notice – COVID

Essential Services Notice – COVID March 27,  2020 To Whom it May Concern: Spero Pregnancy Center has determined that some of its services are essential based on the CISA guidelines of essential infrastructure, specifically: Workers who support food, shelter, and social services, … Continued

What Clients Love

What Clients Love Our desire is to serve our clients, the young women, men, and families that come into Spero, with the very best information and as compassionate listeners as they face decisions that will change their lives forever. We … Continued

What is happening in your community?

What is happening in your community? We work hard to bring you current, accurate information about important events that impact innocent life. Yet there is so much more happening that we don’t get a chance to share. Here are some … Continued

Babies on Sale, For Parts

Babies on Sale, For Parts It’s been more than two years since the first controversial documentaries produced by the Center of Medical Progress (CMP) detailed how Planned Parenthood, the giant global abortion provider, was involved in the harvesting and selling … Continued

2019 Abortion Statistics

Michigan Abortion Statistics From the latest MDHHS Report: A total of 27,339 induced abortions were reported in Michigan in 2019, which was a 2.3 percent increase from the total of 26,716 reported in 2018 and a 44.3 percent decrease since 1987 (the year with … Continued

Awards & Recognitions

2016 – Beacon of Light Award 2016 – State of Michigan Special Tribute 2016 – U.S. Congressional Recognition 2012 – City of Port Huron Certificate of Appreciation 2010 – Faithful for Life Award by St. Clair County Right to Life … Continued