Embrace Grace

Bridging Spero and Churches For years, Spero has struggled with the question of how to marry our services with the work of the local churches who support us. We have tried church referral lists, personal invitations, and other similar efforts … Continued

Truth or Lies?

  As truth becomes harder and harder to find – let’s make sure we are getting our facts straight. Can you tell the difference between these statements? Are they Truth or Lies?   95% of Planned Parenthoods services are abortion … Continued

99 Ways To Help Spero

Have you ever wondered how you can help at Spero? Here is a list of 99 ways you can be a blessing. “FRIEND RAISING” Host a private Spero party for your friends Historian – take photos at events regularly Coordinate … Continued

Update from 3 Michigan Pregnancy Center Directors

Would you like to see what’s happening with pregnancy centers across Michigan? Still not sure what a pregnancy center is or what impact they have? Hear what 3 directors have to say about this essential ministry and some exciting updates … Continued

Helpful Prolife Links and Resources

It is nice sometimes to have one place you can go and get a plethora of prolife information. We want to be that place for you! Here is a list of helpful resources that you are welcome to use and … Continued

Church Partners

Our Church Partners make it possible for Spero to reach the hurting and the hopeless families in our community. We couldn’t do it without their support! These sacrificial churches do more that just claim the name of Spero, they put … Continued

What she wants – What she needs

  A Just Cause When you think of a pregnancy center, what comes to mind? Babies—right? As a dedicated supporter of a pro-life organization like Spero Pregnancy Center, you sacrifice your hard-earned dollars and donate your time faithfully over years … Continued

Dads are Important

Dads are Important Too Spero welcomes men! Baby daddy’s, grandpas, friends. Dads are important to their children. Have you ever wondered which traits describes a great dad? Would they involve nurturing, providing, and guiding? While those are great traits to … Continued

Spero Is Open

Spero IS OPEN Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm. The Mission Continues (and Grows) at Spero! Spero is thrilled to announce that our mission grows as we find opportunities in this unprecedented time. Here is how: Though our office hours are temporarily reduced (closed … Continued

Essential Services Notice – COVID

Essential Services Notice – COVID March 27,  2020 To Whom it May Concern: Spero Pregnancy Center has determined that some of its services are essential based on the CISA guidelines of essential infrastructure, specifically: Workers who support food, shelter, and social services, … Continued

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