Baby Bottle Bounce Back (BBBB)

Jan – Feb, Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, October

Every year, over 38 area churches partner with us in a simple, but effective fundraising project called “Baby Bottle Bounce Back” (BBBB).

Will your church select one month to “adopt” our ministry? Spero supplies your church, Sunday School class, youth group, or group of any size with a decorated case of plastic baby bottles, each labeled with information about Spero and a prayer for our “babies” – those that will be born and cared for because of your help.

Families and businesses take a baby bottle and fill it with their cash, checks and spare change throughout the designated month and then return the bottle to the display case at church by month’s end.

The church calls Spero pick up the bottles from the church at the end of the time period (month) so that there is no inconvenience to the church.

Presentations by Spero representatives to the churches often inspire individuals to donate more than spare change. Have us speak to the congregation or group about Spero for 3 to 5 minutes, permit us to set up a display table that shares information about the ministry, and distribute bulletin inserts that will explain the program to the congregation. The results of full participation are incredible!  NO BBBB during the Banquet (March), Summer, Walk (Sept), or Nov-Dec.

We make it super easy for you. Baby Bottle Bounce Back raised over $20,000 for Spero, and with your help, we can do it again!

Will YOU organize your church?