Bridging Spero and Churches

For years, Spero has struggled with the question of how to marry our services with the work of the local churches who support us. We have tried church referral lists, personal invitations, and other similar efforts to no avail. The truth simply was this, our clients wouldn’t darken the door of a church for all the kind words in the world. A church, a judgement hall of morals, is the last place an unmarried woman pregnant with a surprise baby wants to find herself. We needed a way to welcome her with open arms and show her the love of Christ.

Enter, Embrace Grace. This ministry offers a unique platform for churches to become not just “pro-life” but truly “pro-love”. Founded by a woman who once found herself on the abortionists table moments away from ending her son’s life because of a fear of being judged by her church (check out her story here), Embrace Grace uses a 12 week video curriculum, a church sponsored baby shower, and something they call “Princess Day” to demonstrated the freeing love of Christ to unwed mothers-to-be.

Embrace Grace does one more thing that marries Spero and your church beautifully. It is called a Love Box. This beautiful box is a gift to the unmarried moms that we see. (Find out everything inside here). We get a limited quantity free each month to pass out to our clients at the end of their visit to the center. It opens the door for them to reach out to Embrace Grace for a free gift and in response the workers at Embrace Grace refer them to the local church groups within their local area (this could be YOUR CHURCH!)

What Spero needs now is churches willing to step up to the plate and be a home to our girls (or our guys, learn about Embrace Legacy here). How do you know if your church is right for this ministry? Simply ask…that’s the only way.

Visit and find out all that is involved and take that first step. You can be the bridge that introduces moms-to-be to Jesus Christ and speaks words of true love over them that they have never heard before. Will you be the bridge? Will you Embrace Grace?