Loving the woman to save the baby since 1986

Every woman deserves love and support during an untimely pregnancy. Every innocent life deserves to be protected.

Client Stories

Hear the stories of the women who have come to Spero.

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Our Annual Gala Fundraiser is an opportunity to not just give, but hear how Spero has done over the last year

Baby Bottles

Every year, over 38 area churches partner with us in a simple, but effective fundraising project called “Baby Bottle Bounce Back” (BBBB).

Walk for Life

The Walk for Life is one of two major fundraisers for the ministry since the walk began in 1996 (25 years!). It raises new volunteers and increases community awareness.

Life Ambassador Training

Would you like to be able to more confidently defend your pro-life position? Life Ambassadors is a 3 week training opportunity designed to equip students and adults to become effective ambassadors for life wherever you go.