A Life Raft in the Mayhem

My Spero Experience Me and husband had been trying to get pregnant for a while and it just wasn’t happening. I got to a place where I didn’t think it would happen, so when I got that positive result on … Continued


Unexpected Port Huron, MI “Oh No! I can’t be pregnant! I want to be a mom someday, but not now, not while I’m living with my mom!” Sadie was 28 when she found herself holding a little stick that would … Continued

Friendly and Professional

I was home visiting from college and did a home pregnancy test. I walked in to BWPCC. Everyone working there was friendly, professional, and they went over all of my options. They did not force me to make any certain … Continued

Client Reviews

Client Reviews Sandra (client advocate) was great and extremely helpful. Really shows that they care about you and the choices being made. Every time I come here, I learn something new about myself. I appreciate the wisdom I have received … Continued

Amanda told us that she wanted parenting classes

Amanda told us that she wanted parenting classes But she was thinking abortion Amanda called asking about our parenting classes. Unknown at the time, abortion was lurking in Amanda’s mind, but was never mentioned during the phone call. She said … Continued