Amanda told us that she wanted parenting classes

Amanda told us that she wanted parenting classes

But she was thinking abortion

Amanda called asking about our parenting classes.

Unknown at the time, abortion was lurking in Amanda’s mind, but was never mentioned during the phone call. She said that she had an ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy at the hospital. During her consultation with Tammy, a Spero volunteer, Amanda said her family was very happy that she came to see us. She’s not working and is living with her boyfriend. She needed to talk to someone.

Amanda listened very intently as she heard about fetal development, parenting, adoption, and abortion. Amanda was very quiet. Tammy noticed a cringe when reviewing the abortion procedure with Amanda. Amanda was holding a 10 week old fetal model in the palm of her hand (about the size of your thumb). Amanda declared it looked just like a real baby. Tammy also shared that Amanda’s baby she is carrying is a size bigger than the model. Amanda appeared shocked at how fast the baby develops. She genuinely didn’t know.

Tammy shared one more time with Amanda about choosing parents for her baby in case she was feeling overwhelmed. Adoption is a good option for her as well as the baby. When asked at the end of the session what her intentions were, Amanda expressed, “Well, as of today I am choosing to carry my baby and not have an abortion after all.” Amanda had changed her mind about choosing abortion. Amanda also is telling her niece about all she learned at Spero.

Amanda accepted prayer, signed up for prenatal classes and bible study where she’ll get extra baby supplies.

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