What Clients Love

Our desire is to serve our clients, the young women, men, and families that come into Spero, with the very best information and as compassionate listeners as they face decisions that will change their lives forever. We educate our clients about all their pregnancy options – abortion, parenting, and making an adoption plan. It’s not a decision to make lightly; pregnancy changes lives forever, regardless of the outcome. Spero wants to help these women and men to make a good decision through a caring environment. Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say about Spero. For even more clients comments and stories, visit our Facebook page, sign up for our weekly newsletter, and go to our client comment page (LINK Stories-Client)

We served almost 800 women and men last year impacting about 400 babies. These are some of the comments they made on our exit survey:

  • “Warm, friendly, someone I can talk to.”• “Talking with someone willing to listen openly and fully.”
  • “The center is a comfortable place.”
  • “Nobody judges you.” “We talked about all my options”.
  • “I was not rushed out of the office.”
  • “I’m keeping the baby.”
  • “Glad to know I can sign up to take parenting classes.”
  • “The client advocates are really nice, caring, and very kind.”
  • “I’ve decided to care for my child with Gods’ help. Everything was most helpful today.”
  • “I’ve decided to wait (to have sex) until I’m married.”
  • “I’ve decided to have more respect for myself and my body.”
  • “Talking about God was the most helpful thing today.
  • “The ultrasound was amazing – seeing my baby made a huge difference in my decision”.