I Felt Inadequate to Help

I Felt Inadequate to Help

While attending a Right to Life Banquet, I stopped at the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center display and spoke to a volunteer representing the Center. She was so excited and passionate about the ministry, I decided to volunteer!

The entire process from initial interview to classroom instruction, on-the-job training and even the final meeting with the center director was wonderful.
Many young women and men come into the center filled with fear as they experience the uncertainty of an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. This fear often consumes their emotions, causing them to feel abortion is their only solution. Some clients may not be considering abortion but have other needs such as learning about what is happening in their body (or their partner’s body) as pregnancy progresses or discovering how to be a great parent. As a volunteer staff advocate, I have the opportunity to ease their fears, explain all their options, and detail the resources available to them at the center and within our community. We help these families by listening and offering practical help in a safe, confidential environment. They are also reminded of how much God loves them and has plan and purpose for their lives.

It is so obvious how Christ-centered volunteers and staff at Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center are. When I started volunteering, I was at time in my life where my desire to know and love Jesus even more was beginning to bloom! Another opportunity to share His love with a new family was icing on the cake.

My experience as an advocate has been rewarding and yet challenging. Talking to clients about their pregnancy concerns, the options available to them, their spiritual beliefs, and assisting them with material resources we have available was new territory for me. And yet I’ve grown as I continue to trust God and the training provided as I meet with these families. I’m especially blessed when clients bring in their beautiful babies and we get to see the fruits of all of the labor.

Often times I felt inadequate and worried that I was not beneficial in meeting the needs of the client. After all, the other advocates were so qualified and thorough! Not one to give up, with many prayers to the Holy Spirit and encouragement from staff and volunteers, I feel much more accomplished and beneficial and know this is indeed where I was called to be.

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