Adam's Story

My wife and I came to Spero Center unsure of what to expect. We figured we were just going to come for a free pregnancy test.

We gained so much more! We received an abundance of practical, vital information that encouraged us to take on the most important role of our lives; being a parent.There is so much to know about pregnancy, and how a baby develops, I really was amazed. I didn’t know about all the parenting resources available all the way until the baby is 2 years old. 

However, the most important knowledge I gained that day was being introduced to Jesus. My advocate Donna asked me where I was in my spiritual journey and then explained salvation in such a way to me, very simple yet profound. I had heard of him, but I didn’t know how to pray. I never knew how to ask Jesus to be my savior, but thanks to her guidance, I did just that. Spero gave me a free, brand new study bible and a little booklet that helped me to understand the commitment I had just made to God. I felt so different after I prayed. 

I highly recommend this place to people because of the comfort and respect shown by all the people who work here.