Blue Water Pregnancy Care CenterHOPE by Another Name… Why the Name Change?

In March 2019, Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center became Spero Center. Pronounced “sparrow”, Spero means HOPE in Latin. We are keeping everything else the same – mission, website, phone numbers, etc.

For decades, we have offered HOPE to young moms and dads, and our phone number spells HOPE (985-HOPE).

This image of a bird inspires rising above circumstances, freedom, and HOPE. Our Lord provides even for the birds and are we not more valuable than they? (Matt 6:26, Luke 12:24)

We wanted to be more inclusive of men and families and we offer so much more than pregnancy care. We also want to help the many women that are still without hope. In 2017, while we helped nearly 800 women and men with over 2300 annual visits, 247 women in St. Clair County alone chose abortion. So, that means we only reached 21% of women seeking an abortion.

We’ve made many improvements over the years. Our office is professional and private, yet warm. We’ve implemented on-line scheduling, clients can text us 24/7, there is 24 hour hotline access and we use short, appealing, educational video clips on large screened TVs! We have liberal open hours and we’re open during the holidays (only closed 11 weekdays in the year).

Clients want our attitudes to be non-judgmental, unbiased, and compassionate, with immediate and considerate customer service, which we offer. We uphold the highest standards in accordance with national affiliations.

After much consideration, the board approved this exciting change to increase our ministry with those seeking an abortion. We ask for your blessing and assistance in reaching out to the community for a smooth transition.

We are Hiring!

Operations Coord. 

Communications /Outreach Coord.

Employment possibilities are at the bottom of the page.

“Spero condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred”

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