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Many parents find this topic difficult to speak to their children about. 

"When is a good time to talk to them?"   "How do I start the discussion?"
"I don't want to feel like a hypocrite for telling my kids one thing while I did the other."

We recognize the awkwardness of this topic and want to give you the motivation, confidence and tools to be able to talk to your kids about sex. 

March 27, 7-9pm, Community Foundation. 500 Water St. Port Huron

PARENTS: Helping YOU to have birds-and-bees conversations with your child. They DO still listen to you!

Good for Parents/ Grandparents of children ages 6-22.  

This is a multi-media series that encourages us to have ongoing critical conversations with our children regarding sex. The program utilizes short film clipss, brutally honest parent and teen testimonials, expert panel interviews and more. 

 https://www.thewholesextalk.com for more information



Training Starts Thurs. March 23, 6-9pm. Prior manual reading highly recommended. 

If you think you may be pregnant and are looking for help, click here.

BWPCC is an educational and family service not-for-profit medical clinic offering practical
help and hope to women and men experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

We help approximately 1,300 young women, babies, and men each year.


Baby Bottle Bounce Back

Churches, individuals and organizations partner with BWPCC in the Baby Bottle Bounce Back every year. It's an easy way to give back. Will you help young moms, babies, and dads by collecting your spare change?

Find out more here about how easy it is to help gather funds with the Baby Bottle Bounce Back.




BWPCC Volunteers are the life-blood
that make it possible to help so many.
We are very thankful and thrilled with so
many faithful and dedicated individuals. . . 


Will you join us?  




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